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Case Study

Debt Rainbow
Organic Traffic

How Efficiently we Increased Organic Traffic on a Client’s Website:

· Debt Rainbow:

Debt Rainbow provides you with the knowledge and encouragement you need to decide how to handle your situation. Possibilities for debt reduction include:

● Do not interact with creditors or bailiffs.

● Lower your monthly obligations

● All fees and interest are suspended.

● Consider eliminating some of your unmanageable debts.

● Query Now.



üChallenge # 1:

· SEO Audit:

Debt Rainbow wanted to improve the SEO of its website. Therefore, they hired our digital marketing team to check the mistakes in their website’s SEO and how to fix it to rank high in search engine results. They needed a complete SEO audit, SEO keyword analysis, and SEO analysis of their websites.


üChallenge # 2:

· Backlink building and site speed improvement:

Debt Rainbow wanted to promote its website on different platforms and social media. In this regard, they hired us to run social media campaigns and build backlinks for promotions. In order to decrease the retention rate, they also sought to speed up their website.


üChallenge # 3:

· Content Analysis:

Content is the only thing that ranked the websites and blogs in 2022. Debt Rainbow also wanted to improve its website ranking by updating its content quality. For this, they contacted our team and demanded us to analyze the quality of previously published content and to provide SEO for a new content.

 Our Approach to SEO

After identifying the problems with the debit rainbows in the SEO Audit, we had to focus on the site speed first because, the website was working slowly and it increased the bounce rate.

After resolving the website speed issue, we next focused on keyword research. First, we identified why exciting keywords do not rank. Then we did keyword analysis for the website and obtained the relevant primary and secondary keywords for a website that was ranked in search engines.

We utilized the information from our investigation to strengthen Debt Rainbow’s link structure and lay solid SEO groundwork. To make it simpler for consumers to find the site based on the title tag, we developed on-page optimization that ranks.

In the end, we took the keywords obtained in the analysis of the keywords and generate the content for blog posts, websites, social media posts, and social media ads. Here we targeted both the on-page and off-page SEO and ensured that the website ranked higher gradually. We also added the backlink for articles so that their conversion rate increased. 


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Product Deliver

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The Debit Rainbow website now has more healthy links and zero broken external or internal links.

The Debt Rainbow team was able to successfully increase traffic to their website, improve page rankings for local listings, and see huge increases in non-branded keywords. They were able to do all of this with our assistance and proper guidance.

To improve their ranking, we are still collaborating with Debit Rainbow.